• Gafiel Veterinary Company

    GAFIEL  Veterinary Company is a private liability Sudanese company established in 2007, distributing wide rang of animal health product and agricultural inputs.

  • Transmune

    Transmune®stops reinfection and protects against all IBD virus strains, is an IBD immune complex vaccine consisting of the Winterfield 2512 strain linked to specific antibodies


    VECTORMUNE ® ND contains a genetically engineered Marek’s Disease virus of serotype 3 (turkey Herpesvirus or HVT) expressing a key protective antigen of Newcastle Disease virus.

  • PRO-MAC®

    An energy boost with additional nutrients. Pro-Mac® has a rich formulation containing amino acids, minerals, vitamins, organic acids, glucose and essential oils.


    Our protein concentrate is a healthy and tasty ingredient for animal feed or organic animal feed. Champrix’ highly digestible proteins include amongst others, potato protein and yeast which can be added to complete formula.

  • Hatchery Vaccination Services

    Vaccination program service, we brings customers new decision making tools for improving the vaccination quality and producing better quality chicks

  • Mentofin

    A 100% natural drinking water supplement for fast and reliable prevention and alleviation of vaccine and disease injuries in the modern intensive livestock.

  • Aqua-clean®

    The most powerful cleaner and disinfectant for drinking systems. Cleans and disinfects the entire drinking water system.

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